Santa Venere is an old olive grove in the middle of Calabria. An olive grove whose plants now have almost two centuries of history and, passing from generation to generation, have now come into the hands first of Giulia and then of Vittoria.
Giulia and Vittoria are mother and daughter but they are also two women who are symbols of two Calabrias and two very different Italys. Giulia was born in 1929, Vittoria in 1954. Through their lives, intertwined with the branches and roots of these centuries-old olive trees, in the fourth episode of Antennae you will hear how memories of the Second World War, of emigration from the South and of the social and politic struggles of entire generations have joined together like rings in the trunk of a tree. To an audio recorder and a tree corer the task of making these individual experiences a common heritage.

Antennae is an Original Rai Play Sound series, the five episodes of this podcast collect true and plausible stories, told starting from the sounds kept in an imaginary place: the Dendrosonic Archive in Genoa. The Archive preserves the records that thousands of plants have collected throughout Italy for decades, becoming witnesses of personal and collective stories.

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Radici is the fourth episode of Antennae a series for Rai Play Sound created by Francesca Berardi
Narrated, recorded and edited by Marco Stefanelli
With the voices and the memories of Giulia Spina and Vittoria Crispino
The war memories of Luisa Falcone and Angelina Caputo from Cleto (CS), and some audio extracts from “La questione femminile”, a documentary by Virgilio Sabel produced for RAI
Antennae theme is composed and played by Almare