On the night of April 6, 2009, an earthquake measuring 5.9 on the Richter scale devastated central Italy, Abruzzo and the city of L’Aquila. In the seismic crater of L’Aquila there are 309 victims, more than 1,600 injured and over 10 billion euros in estimated damage. The L’Aquila earthquake will be one of the most important natural disasters of the last hundred years in Italy.
Today, 13 years have passed since that night, enough time to ask what was reborn from the rubble of that earthquake? What remains after all these years of the memory of that event?
In this podcast series the L’Aquila writer Alessandro Chiappanuvoli faces the reconstruction together with his fellow citizens, retraces feelings and events that from that earthquake reach up to today. The conflict, the obstacles and the unfulfilled hopes. But also the seeds, the examples, of a new and virtuos ribirth.

L’Aquila Fenice is a six episodes podcast series produced by Spotify Studios in collaboration with Chora Media and Maxxi.

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L’Aquila Fenice is produced by Spotify Studios in collaboration with Chora Media and Maxxi
Script by Alessandro Chiappanuvoli and Marco Stefanelli
Interviews and field recordings by Marco Stefanelli
Postproduction and sound-design by Francesco Ferrari for Frigo Studio
Additional Music licensed by Machiavelli Music and Universal Music Publishing Ricordi Srl
Executive Producer Jacopo Penzo
Poducer Monia Donati
Editor Sara Poma