A journey in time and space following the flow of a river, of a stream, of a brook.
ARGINI – Stories of Rivers and Men is a sound walk that can be heard along the path of any watercourse in any place in the universe, observing the few tips found at the bottom of this page.
ARGINI is a story as universal as the two main elements that are part of it: the water and the human beings.
This tale is the result of a storytelling laboratory where the stories of young men and women from Mali, Gambia, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Poland and Italy have become the source that gave life to this sound walk, to this universal fairy tale, that will lead you to discover the intimate and indissoluble bond that unites each of us to the world all around and to the human beings who inhabit it.
From the icy darkness in which the universe originated, to the scorching heat of the equatorial desert, ARGINI is a story that will drag you through different places and at different times, to learn about the destinies of men who have crossed this earth far and wide, scattering for the world like the branches of a river when it finally reaches its mouth.

To best listen to the sound walk, follow these three tips:
– listen to it in a group with at least two other people, there is no maximum limit of listeners;
– use headphones and fully charged cell phones with internet connection and wear comfortable shoes;
– for listening, find a path where you can follow the chosen watercourse without difficulty for about a kilometer (for example the banks of a river in the city, or the trails and the cycle lanes that follow the flow of streams and brooks). Then start the walk at the most upstream point of the route

ARGINI – Stories of Rivers and Men is a sound walk created thanks to the stories and the thoughts of Asad Ali, Jallow Aliou, Kalifa Sama, Shoaib Ihsan, Wajid Javed, Moussa Kanoute, Stefania Mancini, Yusuf Muhammad, Martina Prandelli, Giulia Sedaboni, Adrian Stec, Raffaella Tiziano
and to the memoirs of Giuliano Ghidini and Luigi Visentin
Script adaptation and sound design by Marco Stefanelli and Mamadou Cellou Diallo
Voice of Lea Walter
Songs of Livia Giaffreda
Illustration of Elena Giordana
Produced by SAI Reception and Integration System, Mountain Community of the Valle Trompia, Il Mosaico Cooperativa Sociale, Infrastrutture Sociali