Realized in Calabria for the Bosco della Sila Museum (MABOS) during the artist residency Sense – SEI in September 2019, Assenza is a sound installation that brings the audio story inside a mountain lodge built with pine boards and glass plates. An answering machine welcomes visitors who enter in the rooms of Assenza, its fourteen voice messages return the traces of a broken story that surround listeners in a whirlwind of memories, events and images. A tale that comes from an indefinite past to awaken sensations and emotions lost in our memories.
A sound installation that invites you to take your time time to reflect on human relationships, on the absence and on the constant transformation of each of us.
Assenza is a site specific sound installation designed and realized in the woods of the Sila Piccola, in the heart of Calabria region. The project was possible thanks to the residency program Sense by MABOS, a cultural reality that promotes artistic residencies and contemporary art projects, supporting the work of sculptors, painters, videomakers and sound artists.

You can visit and listen to Assenza and all the other works of the Bosco della Sila Museum (MABOS) every day. The museum is located near Sorbo San Basile (CZ), Italy. For more information visit the social profiles or the MABOS website:

Assenza is a sound installation realized for MABOS – Museo d’Arte del Bosco della Sila (CZ)
Concept, recording and sound design by Marco Stefanelli
With the collaboration of Angelo Gallo and Elena Giordana
Pictures by Vincenzo Zicaro