All of us, I believe, have experienced in some moments of our lives the feeling of being inside a bubble, inside an invisible and changing envelope that isolates us from the world, or protects us from it.
Alexandra, a.k.a. Alex, is no exception. She too from the age of 15 has a bubble that accompanies her, always, ever since she was little, innocent and shy.
Alex’s bubble is like Alex, contradictory: it can take the shape of a dark hot air balloon with its mass that block any movement, any thought; or it can become small and light like a tennis ball she can hold in her hand.
To learn about the life, the discomforts, the confidences and the inner voice of this wonderful teenager of the Z Generation, and if you can understand Italian, start from the episode above: How it all began.

C’e Bolla is a podcast series in four episodes imagined and created by the six young participants in the “Niente Paura” audio storytelling workshop realized for PiuCulture organization between January and June 2022.

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C’è Bolla is a podcast series scripted by Anastasia Haruta, Francesco Mancini, Islam Shuvo, Maria Elena Cazacu, Muhaimin Miah, Precious Ogujiofor, and Marco Stefanelli
Alex is Federica Dordei
B. is Anastasia Haruta
Alex best friend is Maria Elena Cazacu
The mother is Giada Stallone
The teacher is Marco Stefanelli
Original music by Antonio Feroleto
Recording and Sound Design by Marco Stefanelli
Editorial Support from Giada Stallone, Elisa Galli, Nicoletta del Pesco, Rosy d’Elia e Silvia Proietti
Thanks to Lea Walter, Riccardo Martorana and to all the people who made the production of this series possible
Produced by PiuCulture and Chiesa Valdese