Haide is the story of a journey that starts from the tomato fields of the Foggia plain and reaches a small village in the Bulgarian Far East where, all the few thousand people living there, can speak Italian. This village is Sotirya.
Sotirya is a ghost town for nine months a year: only elderly and children meander around the abandoned houses while, their families, are looking for a better future in Italy.
The stories of Demir, Rocco, Vassil, Giorgio and Jivka tell about this world of migrant workers and shacks where discouragement alternates with lightheartedness and where the fight for one’s rights is also a battle against discrimination.
Haide is a sound research, conducted between August and October 2017, on the condition of migrant workers in Italy today, following the invisible flows of thousands of people who cross Europe every year, from East to West, in search of a better future and struggling for an uncertain salary.

To listen to the episodes of Haide and to see the full reportage by Ginevra Sammartino, visit the project website:

A project by Marco Stefanelli and Ginevra Sammartino
Pictures by Ginevra Sammartino
Recorded mixed and sound designed by Marco Stefanelli
With the story of Rocco, Demir, Giorgio, Jivka, Vassil Iordanof Kristof
And the voices of Ginevra Sammartino, Raffaele Urselli, Carmen Palazzo, Luca Lotano
Opening music by Alessandro Nosenzo
A project realized thanks to the funds of the Media Migration Award 2017