Starting from February 2018 I work with MAXXI – Museum of XXI Century Arts, in Rome, to plan and run a series of storytelling workshops for different high schools in Rome. These workshops, included in the Plan for Transversal Skills and Job Orientation MAXXI A[R]T WORK, have the aim of bringing high school students closer to the contemporary art world, let them meet and face the cultural heritage professionals and allowing them to look closer to the functioning of one of the most important contemporary art museums in Italy.
Together with the dozens of students we have met in these recent years, both in Rome and in L’Aquila (with the project L’Aquila dei 99 – Castelli Erranti), we have created over thirty different audio guides of as many masterpieces.
Among the others Maria Celeste and Claudia decided to interpret the fragile structure of the glass Igloo by Mario Merz to tell the children about it, while Daniele, a blind student of the Montale Linguistic High School, has chosen to accompany you to discover the MAXXI in a sensory journey through its walls and its noises.

To get a broader idea of the incredible variety and beauty of these student-written sound stories, listen also to Andrei and Adriana’s rap: a poetic and colorful narration of an interstellar traveler discovering our planet.

To listen to all the audio guides created by MAXXI A[R]T WORK students, visit the project website:

MAXXI A[R]T WORK is a project run by MAXXI – Museum of XXI Century Arts of Rome
Created by Federico Borzelli and Giulia Masini
The audio guides written by the high school students are edited, recorded and mixed by Marco Stefanelli