A workshop of sound creation with the student of class IA (school year 2018/2019) of the Belforte del Chienti Primary School, in the San Basilio district, eastern suburbs of Rome. Along twelve weekly meetings, the students were introduced to use the suggestive power of sound to explore the topic of an imaginary city. Mixing poetic creations, interviews, listening sessions with urban explorations and fiel recordings we narrated the story of our ideal city: silent but full of life, green, rainy, joyful.
From this research took form, Sanba Wamba: a sound story for the outside that you can listen lying comfortably on your bed or walking freely through the streets of your city, looking around you, and trying to perceive the possibility of a utopian city built, for all of us, by funny twelve year olds architects.

Sanba Wamba was a workshop of sound creation realized as part of the San Basilio Calling project together with a theater workshop and an audiovisual one. The aim of the project was to break down stereotyped representations and discriminatory practices against the suburbs through activities that can reconstruct the historical memory of the neighborhood. These workshops aimed to create spaces for intergenerational dialogue, soliciting the enhancement of the social and cultural reality of San Basilio district.

Sanba Wamba is a workshop run by Marco Stefanelli and Lea Walter (noMade)
With the voices of the students of class IA of the Belforte del Chienti Primary School
Realized for the San Basilio Calling project coordinated by Archivio delle Memorie Migranti
In collaboration with Belforte del Chienti Primary School Rome, Cro.M.A. – Cross Media Action, Circolo Gianni Bosio, AAMOD – Archivio Audiovisivo del Movimento Operaio e Democratico
Project financed by 8×1000 Chiesa Evangelica Valdese
Installation setting by noMade