This is a bilingual tale in both Arabic and English – with special thanks to GoogleTranslate, which winds through three countries, two continents, various mountains and a sea in search of a new place to call home.
Bilal, the protagonist of this four-episode series, is a contemporary Figaro: half barber half singer, he is forced to leave his country, Syria, when he is still a rioter young man.
In his escape from the Syrian civil war he will meet traffickers, barber colleagues, corrupt policemen and new friends ready to help him in the difficulties of the journey or to put a spoke in his wheels, slowing down his path.
However, it is not with sadness that Bilal remembers his past, but with the pride of who knows that the challenges faced have made him a different person, and with the awareness that the journey undertaken has not yet reached its destination.

Story of a Rioter Young Man is an independent podcast series created in August 2023 as part of a radio production workshop with the inhabitants of the Katsikas Refugee Camp, in the Epirus region, Greece. Workshops and podcast series were created in the spaces, and thanks to the support, of the cultural center Habibi.Works

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Story of a Rioter Young Man is a podcast by Bilal Hasan Khoja
With the Translation and the Interactions of GoogleTranslate
Sound Design and Editorial Support by Marco Stefanelli
Graphic Design di Yobi
Recorded in, and with the support of Habibi.Works