In the summer of 2011 the countryside of Nardò, in the South of Italy, saw the first strike of foreign laborers in the history of Italy: it is a small spark but it will generate epochal transformations in the countryside of my country.
This series begins at that precise moment, in Apulia region more than ten years ago, to follow the red thread that connects the fields, where modern land workers are exploited, to the clean and air-conditioned environments of supermarkets and discount stores where you can buy the products of that same exploitation: tomato sauce, olive oil, preserves.
But how does the large-scale retail trade manage to reduce costs more and more while maximizing its profits? And what repercussions do these strategies have on an economic and social level?

Terra – La Filiera Sporca is a podcast series in five episodes that unfolds over the last 100 years of the history of Italian agriculture, telling, through the voices of laborers, trade unionists, journalists, researchers and entrepreneurs, life, difficulties and struggles of the different actors in the agri-food chain.

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Terra – La Filiera Sporca is produced by Associazione Terra!
Scripted by Marco Stefanelli and Lea Walter
Postproduction and Sound-design by Marco Stefanelli
Original Music by Alessandro Franco
Editor Eleonora Cavallari, Francesco Panié and Maria Panariello
Voice of Veronica Altimari
With the support of Nando and Elsa Peretti Foundation