In recent years, hundreds of thousands of families, children, women and men, have tried to reach Europe through the desert, the sea and the mountains, facing checkpoints, hotspots, reception and detention centers, passing fences, barbed wire and violence in uniform.
We call them migrants, refugees, illegal people. We refuse to help them when they are in the middle of the sea, when their boats could sink or crash into the rocks. And if this doesn’t happen, we create new borders within our countries, fences that our neighbours don’t see because they don’t care.
Labyrinths of papers, permits, authorizations, commissions and documentary evidences. Shields of words raised to defend our democracies, our traditions, our fears.
And while we act in this way to protect ourselves from such invasion, we must equally scare our people to garner their support by fomenting their hatred: “Enough with this non-EU illegal scum!” “We should open concentration camps not reception centers!”.
Over this old Europe the moon is going down rapidly and only another Big Bang can give birth to a different society and to a new sunrise.

Created, recorded and mixed by Marco Stefanelli
With the voices of Mohammed, Faruk, Diallo, Carmen, Adelaide, Claudia, Nichol, Lea, Jenine, Riccardo, Silvio, Simone, David, Bamba, Filifeng, Karim and Farah and recordingd from Tg1, Rai Sport, Chamber of Deputies