A sound story for a public square created by the students of the class IIA (school year 2019-2020) of the Piaget-Diaz High School, Don Bosco district, Rome. A story about love, family, loneliness, bullying and identity, a sound research on the world of adolescence from the perspective of fourteen girls.
Ti Racconterò di Me (I Will tell you about me) born from a storytelling workshop during which, through field recordings, interviews, and secrets shared in front of a microphone, the young authors of this sound creation recomposed, piece by piece, the puzzle of their relationships with family, love, friendships and with the city they live.
Ti Racconterò di Me invites all of us to listen to the cities in which we live, and begin this unique and intimate journey through the lights and the shadows of adolescence.

Listening Tips: The best way to listen to I Will Tell You About Me is with headphones, on the outside. Find a public square in the city where you are. There, look for a quiet place or explore the space around you, press play and let yourself to be carried away by the story.

Authors Caterina Betti, Serena Biello, Alice Bracchetti, Paola Cardillo, Beatrice Caterino, Martina Fugnanesi, Sara Maisa, Serena Mei, Gloria Miani, Aurora Rogai, Michela Soto, Ilaria Tantalo, Sara Ventrella
Story editing, recording and mixing Marco Stefanelli and Mamadou Cellou Diallo
Voice Ilaria Tantalo
Ti Racconterò di Me is produced by Guide Invisibili and Laboratorio 53 ONLUS, for “Collezione Di Classe” project by Pastificio Cerere Foundation
Realized with the funds of the Italian Ministry for Cultural Heritage and Activities and for Tourism
Special thanks to the teachers Assunta Corricciati and Roberta Nelli, and to all the other teachers and school staff of the Piaget-Diaz High School, Don Bosco district, Rome
Pictures by Alessandro Schiariti