Tiburtina 87.9 is a sound diary. A biography carefully reasoned, some times, or without any rules or shames.
A space where to fix one’s thoughts to not let them run away, a book of tales narrated by a man who spends his day telling anything to everyone: to his old friends and neighbors, but also to a bartender he doesn’t know or to a girl met in an online chat.
Tiburtina 87.9 is an imaginary place that brings the voices of a Roman apartment on the Via Tiburtina beyond its four walls.

An experiment through which two friends try to tell the story of one of them forced home by a disease that few people know: multiple sclerosis.
Secondly, Tiburtina 87.9 is a microphone (almost) always on, a tale in words and music. A wish to tell that turns into a direct narration and, thanks to the web, overcomes the confidentiality of our homes to create a free space in which everyone has the right and the duty to listen.
A year-long sound diary that took form between November 2014 and November 2015.

To hear all the stories of this sound diary visit the Soundcloud of the project:

Tiburtina 87.9 is a project realized by Marco Stefanelli and Fabrizio Rossano
Recording and sound design Marco Stefanelli
Music selection by Fabrizio Rossano
Pictures by Marco Stefanelli